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"Autumn Challenge"

Chris Navarro Artist Statement

Bull elk will sound their bugle or whistle call during the rutting season. It begins with a low bellow and changes almost immediately to a high-pitched noise that can be described only as a whistle or scream. The bugle serves as a challenge to other bulls and the signal of domination over cows. 
I believe a monumental bronze sculpture of a bull elk bugling would be very appropriate for the roundabout at SR179/Jacks CanyonNerde Valley School Road. There is a large elk population in Arizona of over 35,000. My home is 2 miles from the roundabout off Lee Mountain Road. 
My property is next to the US Forest and over the years I have seen numerous elk every year come through my property. Note: the photo enclosed of the elk drinking at my neighbor's water trough. Elk are majestic animals due to their large size, impressive antlers, and graceful movements. Their presence in the wild, particularly in the scenic landscapes of Sedona, can contr·bute to a sense of awe, beauty and admiration. 

"AUTUMNS CHALLENGE" Monumental Bronze H- 9' L-9.5' W- 6.5 '.

Navarro Elk.png

Artist Biography

National award-winning artist Chris Navarro is owner of Navarro Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Tlaquepaque Sedona, AZ since 10/1/2000

Chris Navarro lives in the Village of Oak Creek AZ.

Navarro has been sculpting professionally since 1986. He is best known for his large public sculptures. His work is included in 12 museum collections and over 36 monumental bronze sculptures placed throughout the country. Monumental sculptures include Champion Lane Frost a 15' bull rider at Cheyenne, WY a 16-foot-tall Bronze of the famous bucking horse Steamboat for the University of Wyoming. " and "The Messenger" for the historical Alamo Mission in San Antonio, TX. The author of 4 books "CHASING THE WIND" "EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE" DARE TO DREAM BIG' 'and the "ART OF RODEO" He was selected as the Honorary Artist for the 2015 Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, WY received the 2015 Wyoming Governor's art award and in 2018 the Distinguished Alumni Award from Casper College. In 2021 he received the Legacy Award and induction into the Bull Riding Hall of Fame. In 2022 inducted into the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum Hall of Fame Fort Worth, TX.

The creation of monuments is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, creating a clay model, then casting it in bronze through the lost wax method. Sculpting is what I do for a living, but I do not ever plan on retiring. I have found something I really love to do and hope others can see that through the works I have created.

I take pride in doing my best work and keeping my word. I have worked with numerous committees, foundations and schools in the past. I have a 100% completion rate in bringing all past projects in on time and budget. I have a dozen references to verify this information.

Bronze metal is a strong, durable, and permanent medium that will last for centuries. All artist want to live on in their work. Knowing my work will be standing in the sun long after I'm gone for future generations to experience and enjoy is extremely rewarding. That is why I give one hundred percent of my talent and ability to all my work.

Sincerely, Chris Navarro.

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