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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

By David Gill, Aesthetics & Selection Subcommittee Chair

The long-awaited planning for the selection and installation of public art in the Village’s four roundabouts is now firmly upon us. On May 12, after review and discussion of a draft Purpose and Scope recommendation, the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council voted strongly in favor of creating an Art in the Roundabouts standing committee. They also approved a fiscal agency relationship with the Sedona Village Partnership (SVP), that allows individuals to make tax-deductible donations to the project. View approved documents:

Two subcommittees, Aesthetics & Selection and Community Outreach & Communications, were also approved.

During the construction of SR-179 through the Village in 2006-2008, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), with the provisions of the US Department of Transportation Roundabout Guidelines, foresaw the opportunity to provide aesthetic and safety benefits to the Village through the installation of art and landscaping in the roundabout center space. ADOT constructed dedicated 8-foot diameter concrete pads within the roundabouts, outside of the main direction of travel line of sight. Their plans also provided for the installation of a flagpole in the Cortez Drive roundabout.

Project planning for the Art in the Roundabouts project will be methodical and deliberate in order to ensure: 1. full community participation, with the selected art pieces reflecting the unique gateway character and heritage of our Village; and 2. visual and thematic compatibility with our incomparable Village scenery. Installation of unique, permanent public art in our Village will contribute to community pride of place for resident and visitor alike.

If you are a Village resident and would like to volunteer to participate in bringing these ideas to fruition, please download the application at and submit by June 17th.

Although timing of the art installations is uncertain (the phasing for each of the four roundabouts will depend on many factors, including availability of funding), it is hoped that the installation will engender more public art enhancements throughout the Village.

Watch this space for periodic updates on the process!

For further information, or to offer yourself as a volunteer for one of the committees, please send an email to


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