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Mission Statement: To display the story of our community with inspiring public art.

How: The Art in the Roundabout (AiR) Committee will develop a process and structure to facilitate the selection and installation of works of art to be placed on the four roundabouts located in our community on State Route 179, and ensure they are properly maintained.

Through the center of the Village of Oak Creek stretches a 2.6-mile section of the magnificent Red Rock Scenic Byway. The road serves as the welcoming gateway to Sedona’s famed Red Rock Country and as our community’s charming Main Street.


The Byway (SR-179) was designed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) with roundabouts, rather than traffic signals, to provide aesthetic and safety benefits. Each roundabout was constructed with 8-ft diameter concrete pads for the installation of art. Four of these roundabouts are on the Byway running through the Village.

On May 12, 2022, the Big Park Council created an Art in the Roundabouts (AiR) standing committee to explore and complete the design for the beautification and edification of our community.

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The process plan for the AiR project will meet two essential goals. First, ensure strong community participation – with the selected artworks reflecting the unique character and heritage of our Village. And secondly, the plan will ensure that the artworks visually and thematically complement the surrounding landscape, which is our community’s trademark.


Community participation will be invited at various intervals through surveys and potentially public displays to achieve the broadest acceptance possible. Residents will have the opportunity to express preferences, including artistic themes and characteristics consistent with “displaying the story of our community”.


Two nonprofit community organizations have collaborated to make this project possible. On May 12, 2022, the Big Park Council created an Art in the Roundabouts Committee and approved a fiscal agency relationship with the Sedona Village Partnership (SVP) that allows tax-deductible donations.


The committee is comprised of community volunteers who have committed to execute the essential tasks necessary to bring the project to fruition, which may span a number of years.


The two organizations will provide transparency and financial oversight. The regular monthly public meetings of the Big Park Council provide a forum for the committee to report their progress.


Big Park Council

The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (Big Park Council) provides the Big Park region, including the Village of Oak Creek, with a structured, representational organization to serve the community’s interests. The Council holds regular public meetings on the second Thursday of each month. Learn about the Council



The Sedona Village Partnership supports worthy nonprofit education and entertainment activities through fundraising and event creation and sponsorship, hosting dining and musical gatherings for our community with a cadre of 60+ volunteers. It also provides seed/venture capital for nonprofits which concentrate on community building/strengthening.


The committee is currently researching anticipated expenses and will be approving a budget plan in the near future. After review by the Big Park Council and Sedona Village Partnership, it will be made available here.

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