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Results of Community Survey #1

The following results were reported at the June meeting of the Big Park Council.

To: The Art in the Roundabouts Committee

From: Lenore Hemingway, David Gill

Date: May 3, 2023

Re: Survey Results/Report


The AiR Committee activated its website ( on March 1, 2023, including an invitation to participate in a community survey to assess our direction.

The survey collected 169 unique responses, or about 4-5% of the resident population of the Village of Oak Creek. The following report summarizes the results of the responses.


· 148 respondents (86%) responded positively regarding the themes

· 18 respondents (11%) oppose any art in the roundabouts

· 11 respondents recommended omitting the flagpole, an action already been taken by the committee.


· Regarding the Native American theme: 19 (11%) commented positively, and 8 (5%) negatively (3 respondents opposed use of loincloths)

· Regarding the Wildlife theme: 33 (20%) commented favorably, and 2 negatively

· Regarding the Ranching/Western Heritage/Cowboy theme: 10 (6%) responded favorably, 18 (11%) negatively

· Regarding the Biking/Hiking/Recreation theme: 8 (5%) commented positively, and 8 (5%) negatively

· Comments regarding motorist’s Views/Traffic Safety: 2 specifically indicated no concern, 25 (15%) articulated concerns

· 4 respondents commented negatively about Land Acknowledgement

· 4 respondents opposed the criteria excluding nudity

· 3 respondents made no comment whatsoever

· Other singular comments included references to Dark Skies, flora and fauna, school history, first responders, and cost of upkeep.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The committee concludes that the respondents reflected overwhelming support of the committee’s direction, and that we should proceed to develop a Call for Artist Entries based on the themes and parameters that were vetted with the community via the survey.

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