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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Village's roundabout art be compatible with that of the roundabouts in the City of Sedona?
    The Big Park Council and its Community Vision Committee have diligently prepared a Comprehensive Community Plan and accompanying Vision Statement which summarizes hopes and dreams of our Village, and reflects the unique character of our Village. The Art in the Roundabouts Committee, acting through its Aesthetics and Selection Subcommittee, has developed proposed themes embodying the history of our Village, and proposed characteristics of the selected art. Through this website, the AiR Committee will test the themes and criteria with the community, striving to obtain the broadest consensus possible for art which is uniquely ours.
  • Is there any limitation on artwork materials?
    There is no limit provided the materials meet the requirement of durability and maintainability.
  • What is the project timing?
    Once the community surveys are compiled, and results known, the Art in the Roundabouts Committee will issue the first Call for Entries, currently expected to be in September, 2023. The Committee hopes to call for future entries on a rhythm of one per year thereafter, depending on availability of funding for selected artworks.
  • Will the Call for Entries be limited to local artists?
    The Art in the Roundabouts Committee will conduct a nationwide Call for Entries. The Committee expects to encourage collaboration with local artists to ensure proposed art meets the spirit of unique art reflecting our history.
  • How will the art be paid for?
    The AiR Committee will solicit donations, seek grants and possibly conduct local fundraisers. The Committee also hopes that proposing artists will have their own benefactors wishing to support their favored artists, thereby reducing or minimizing the cost to the community.
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